Photo Day Schedules

by Andrew Prestwich

Our Photo Days will be on May 9th and 15th.  We've split this over two days so that teams are attending photo day on the same day as their practices or games.  

Coaches will be sending out order forms for additional photos, the association provides a player and team composite as part of your registration fees.  

Please note:  There will be NO retake day.

Photos will be taken at Peggy Hill Team Community Centre.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Full equipment including gloves, stick and jersey are required.  All Teams are required to wear their White Jersey.

Tuesday May 9th

5:00pmU15 Girls Box Rep
5:10pmU9 Box Rep
5:20pmU11/U13 H/L Hawks (Team 3)
5:30pmU11/U13 H/L Falcons (Team 2)
5:40pmU17 Girls Box Rep
5:50pmU13-1 Box Rep
6:00pmU13-2 Box Rep
6:10pmU13 Field Lacrosse
6:20pmU11/U13 H/L Shrikes (Team 4)
6:30pmU11/U13 H/L Eagles (Team 1)
6:40pmU22 Girls Box Rep
6:50pmU17-1 Box Rep
7:00pmU15-1 Box Rep


5:00pmU11-1 Box Rep
5:10pmU11-2 Box Rep
5:20pmU11-2 Field Lacrosse
5:30pmPaperweight U7 H/L (Jets & Wings)
5:40pmPaperweight U7 H/L (Rockets & Torpedoes)
5:50pmPaperweight Development (Soft Lacrosse)
6:00pmU11-1 Field Lacrosse
6:10pmU15-2 Box Rep
6:20pmU9 H/L Hornets (Team 1)
6:30pmU15 Field Lacrosse
6:40pmU9 H/L Spitfires (Team 2)
6:50pmU17-2 Box Rep
7:00pmU17-1 Field Lacrosse
7:10pmU17-2 Field Lacrosse
7:20pmPaperweight Select (if a team has been formed)