Photo Day Schedule - May 11th

by Andrew Prestwich

Photo Day will take place on Wednesday May 11th at Peggy Hill Team Community Centre (Holly CC).  Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your photo time.  There will not be a re-take day and photographers may not be able to accommodate latecomers. 

A team and individual composite photo is included with your registration fees.  Additional products and packages will be available directly from the photographers.  All questions, concerns or issues with the photography or the packages should be directed to the photography company, Barrie Minor Lacrosse is not responsible for any errors or issues with the photo service.

The photo studio will be running two screens.  Please find your coach and gather together and be ready to proceed to the photographer at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. 

5:00pmU5 Development
5:10pmU11 Rep Box
U11/U13 House League Team 1
5:30pmU11 Field Lacrosse
5:40pmU7 Paperweight
5:50pmU9 House League Team 1
6:00pmU9 House League Team 2
6:10pmU9 Field Lacrosse
6:20pmU9 House League Team 3
6:30pmU9 Box Rep
6:40pmU9 House League Team 4
6:50pmU17-1 Field Lacrosse
7:20pmU17 Girls Rep Box
7:30pmU17-1 Rep Box
7:40pmU15 Girls Rep Box
7:50pmU17-2 Field Lacrosse
8:00pmU11/U13 House League Team 2
8:10pmU11/U13 House League Team 3
8:20pmU11/U13 House League Team 4
8:30pmU17-2 Rep Box
8:40pmU13-1 Rep Box
8:50pmU13-2 Rep Box
9:00pmU15-1 Rep Box
9:10pmU13 Field Lacrosse
9:20pmU15-2 Rep Box
9:30pmU15 Field Lacrosse